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  Decorations: Keys to Success   DECORATIONS: KEYS TO SUCCESS

Here is a list of important things to consider to ensure your satisfaction.

Appliqués Appliqués
Colors of Your Logo Colors of Your Logo
Digital Image Format Digital Image Format
Location of Printing Logos Location of Printind Logos
Logo Size vs Clothing Size Logo Size vs Clothing Size
Methods of Approval Methods of Approval
Rectangular Rectangular or Square Printing
Migration of the ink of the garment Dye Migration

Washing TipsWashing Tips



Printing on Covered Zipper Printing on Covered Zipper
Screen Printing on an Irregular Surface Screen Printing on an Irregular Surface
Soft-Touch Print Soft-Touch Print
Vintage Printing Effects Vintage Printing Effects
White or Off-White Twill or Felt Appliques White or Off-White Twill or Felt Appliques
Process Process & Halftone Printing
Printing on fleece or French Terry Printing on fleece or French Terry fabrics

Multimedia Multimedia

Embroidery Embroidery

  Canadian apparel manufacturer    HISTORY

ATTRACTION is a Canadian vertically integrated apparel manufacturer and decorator.  Since 1980, we have been providing innovative decorated apparel solutions to clients all across Canada in the resort, souvenir, corporate and promotional markets. Perpetuating its family business tradition of excellence, quality and service, the current management team strives to excel in all areas of our industry, while providing stable employment opportunities to people from the local communities in and around Lac-Drolet, Québec.

  One stop shop   ONE-STOP SHOP

Take away the uncertainty and have your garments made and decorated under one roof:
from design and manufacture to decoration and turn-key options, we also offer impeccable service, creativity, and innovative spirit.

  ethica apparel   ETHICA APPAREL

Looking for great Canadian-made organic cotton tees, business apparel or accessories?
ETHICA is our exclusive collection of made-in-Canada quality garments, resulting from our
thirty years of expertise in tailoring and decoration techniques. ethica is the perfect canvas
for innovative artwork created to enhance your brand image and show your distinctive style.

  initial apparel   INITIAL APPAREL

You'll love the nice fit, fine fabric, great quality and value of INITIAL. Fully designed and decorated in Canada,
INITIAL offers classic styles for all. Let us create a look that is exclusively yours for a wow factor showcasing your brand's true personality.

  Attraction creativity   CREATIVITY

Let our designers impress you with artwork created exclusively to enhance and showcase your image,
perfectly adapted to your chosen apparel and combination of decoration techniques.

  Attraction decoration   DECORATION

You benefit from over thirty years of expertise in the most innovative decoration techniques
and their combinations to maximize the impact of your brand or image. All garments are decorated in Canada in our unionized plants.

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