We form a large team, a strong and committed family. Our workplace is friendly, cool, open, respectful and invigorating. We have fun and strive for balance between our professional and personal lives, while remaining passionate about our work.

We create value in a positive environment which compels us to try to better ourselves.


We’re proud of what we can accomplish, as a team, at every level of the organization.

It is together that we move forward and share our success. Our culture of excellence manifests itself in our conversations and actions, not just in the awards we receive.

Upheld by the confidence we receive, we thrive on taking up new challenges and we cultivate our spirit of innovation. Together, we are inspired to a little bit more every day and we are always proud to see the clothing we created in shops or worn by people.


Whether you’ve been with us for many years or you’re thinking about joining us, we’ll listen to you and we’ll proactively create a positive atmosphere while making every possible effort to make your work easier.

In a dynamic environment, we favour expert communication and development, and we work actively at making our workplace healthy, safe, pleasant and inclusive.

Would you like to join us? Let us know. We’re waiting for you!


“Attraction is a growing company whose products are made here and are appreciated and recognized from coast to coast.

We are proud of our sustainably produced clothing that allows our corporate clients to showcase their image or travellers from all over the world to bring back a Canadian souvenir they really enjoy. We are also proud of our team members and we value their expertise, their skills and the sharing of their knowledge across the large Attraction family.

Our shared passion for excellence is the foundation of our success as a company, from our founding owners and employees to today, and we are grateful to all our team members because this success is a collective achievement that is constantly renewed.

True to ourselves, we genuinely live by our values on a daily basis and we are committed to doing a little bit more every day for our family, our team, our customers, the community and the environment.”

Julia Gagnon and Sébastien Jacques
Vice President, Operations and Vice President, Sales & Marketing

2nd generation leader couple