Our commitments turn into concrete actions that go beyond the quality jobs we provide and clearly express our values.



Our Ethica apparel is made mostly from 100% organic cotton or 50% organic cotton / 50% recycled polyester.
The use of ethical fibers significantly reduces our impact on water use, fossil-based resources and carbon emissions.

We make durable apparel, not disposable.
Apparel that endures beyond trends.

One-stop shop and local development

We have the capacity to ensure the whole production process in our own factories: from design to delivery, including manufacturing and multiple decoration techniques using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our “one-stop shop” capacity allows us to manage quality at every point in the production process and minimize shipping emissions and material waste. All the stages of production of our Ethica clothing line are carried out within a radius of 800 km.

This also creates, in our community, a wide variety of safe, quality jobs that are accessible to all, in an inclusive, friendly, family business that is respectful of its employees as well as the environement.


Our Ethica cushion filling is composed of 100% mixed premium quality recycled fabrics (organic cotton / recycled polyester) and transformed by Coup de Pouce.

This company employs young people with learning disabilities.

The purchase of an Ethica cushion allows us to upcycle the fabric leftovers generated by the production of around fifty pieces of apparel.

Paperless factory & Printreleaf

Our ERP allows us to significantly reduce our paper use by adding electronic tablets to replace paper files in our decoration facility.

Since 2020, the equivalent of the paper used for the production of our catalogues is systematically reforested.
This represents more than 193 trees planted to date.

Eco-friendly black ink

Our eco-friendly black is made from reclaimed ink.
This is the most environmentally friendly ink you could hope for.
Eco-friendly black is the way to go to reduce your environmental footprint.

Ask for it now for your next project.

Decreasing water consumption by investing in state-of-the-art technology

Our screen washer reduces water consumption by 50% and allows used chemicals to be recirculated before they are sent to hazardous material recovery.

Decreasing energy consumption

Minimizing our energy consumption is important to us.

That’s why we are curently converting all our lighting to LED.
This change will allow us to reduce our electricity consumption related to lighting by 54%