Ethica x Attraction launches a new clothing workshop in the heart of the Montreal fashion district

Montreal, January 20, 2022.

Apparel manufacturer ATTRACTION is proud to announce the opening of its new production facility located on Avenue du Parc in Montreal.

The new space will allow for the production of fleece, jersey, quilted materials and accessories dedicated to the promotional and recreational tourism markets. The project will double ATTRACTION’s production capacity. The goal is to support growth, reduce delivery lead times and position ATTRACTION as a Canadian leader in the ethical manufacturing of locally made clothing. These are clear advantages in a context where global shipping disruptions and COVID are causing a shortage of imported goods as well as increased costs and delays.

ATTRACTION chose the Chabanel district, known as “ the heart of fashion in Quebec”, for the availability of quality of workers, who specialize in manufacturing garments. Hard hit during the pandemic, the Chabanel district is currently benefiting from a wind of renewal and ATTRACTION is proud to be part of this revival by opening its new workshop there.

The ATTRACTION Montreal project is the result of the work of an experienced team in the garment industry and the support of financial partners such as Desjardins and Investissement Québec.

The Montreal workshop employs 30 people, in addition to the 110 employees located at the company’s headoffice in Lac Drolet, Quebec

The team involved in the start-up of the ATTRACTION Montreal project from left to right: Kamel D’Aoud (Montreal Shop Manager), Jean-Pierre Mercier (Mechanic), Simon Lieu (Team Leader), Lianne Macrae (National Promotional Sales Manager), Philippe Gagnon (Plants Manager), Sébastien Jacques (VP Business Development and co-owner) and Julia Gagnon (VP Operations and co-owner).

Ethical fashion

The production space is equipped with new and efficient equipment that also offers a spacious and bright work environment with ethical working conditions. “We are truly proud to participate in the revitalization of the Chabanel district by encouraging local know-how while respecting ethical work standards. The Montreal workshop is a key element to ensure a context of labor shortage. It is also a way for us to improve the image of the industry. This new workshop is truly a beautiful work environment for our team members. ” says Julia Gagnon, vicepresident of operations.

ATTRACTION actively looks to reconcile growth while considering the impact of decisions on it’s team, customers, suppliers, the community, and the environment. “ The well-being of our people and respect for the environment have always been part of our values, but the pandemic has made us more aware of the importance of caring for people and what we leave behind for future generations. Our Ethica brand is made from ethical fibers such as organic cotton & recycled polyester. It is important for us to offer our customers responsible products that match our values. ” says Sébastien Jacques, vice president of business development.


Designed, manufactured, and decorated locally by unionized employees, ATTRACTION’s exclusive Ethica brand of clothing is made primarily of organic cotton and recycled polyester fabrics. The purchase of an Ethica product allows for the recycling of up to 10 plastic bottles (500 ml) and reduces the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Supporting the Ethica brand is also a gesture towards the environment as buying local minimizes emissions related to transportation.

ATTRACTION: Canadian family-owned business since 1980

Recognized as a leader in its sector, ATTRACTION is a Canadian company specialized in the design, manufacturing, and identification of clothing for the promotional, recreational and consumer markets. The co-owners, a 2nd generation succession and a business couple are working to generate growth for the organization while creating a dynamic, open, healthy, and inclusive work environment. Since 1980, this family business has been innovating and building its success on the collaboration of all its team members, its values, its culture of excellence and a clear vision of its role in the local and regional community.