Attraction launches a collection of eco-responsible cushions locally made from reclaimed premium quality fabrics

Lac-Drolet, February 17, 2021

Clothing manufacturer Attraction from Lac-Drolet, recognized for its local clothing brand Ethica and for having produced personal protective equipment during the pandemic, is launching a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly cushion collection.

Attraction locally produces its Ethica collection, apparel made from ethical fibers such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

“Being concerned about our environment has always been part of our values, but the pandemic has made us aware of the importance of acting now” affirms Ms. Gagnon, co-owner and Vice-President of Operations at Attraction.

“It is with great pride that we announce the launch of a new line of eco-friendly home products. The star product of this new collection is a felt cushion made from 100% recycled materials, made in Quebec, Canada, and stuffed with reclaimed premium quality fabrics from our production. Probably the most ethical choice on the market!’’ continues Julia Gagnon.

The removable cover is made from 100% mixed recycled fibers. This felt is made from 80% used clothing, normally destined to landfills, and 20% regenerated polyester fibers to ensure product stability. Without added dye, the color of the felt comes from the careful sorting of used clothes.

Ethica cushion filling is composed of 100% mixed premium quality recycled fabrics (organic cotton / recycled polyester) processed by Coup de Pouce. This company promotes the development of and employability of young people with learning disabilities. The purchase of an Ethica cushion allows us to upcycle the fabric leftovers generated by the production of around fifty pieces of apparel.

Ethica cushions are available on the transactional website of the Ethica brand: as well as on Ethica cushions are an addition to make-up removal pads, hats, rugs and woven blankets from the same brand, which are also made from recycled textile waste.

“This is a new market for Attraction and other products are currently in development to complement the collection and maximize the recovery of leftover fabric. The pandemic crisis has seriously shaken our company and impacted our sales volumes, but we are confident that in the long term, it will have made us more innovative and eco-friendly entrepreneurs” assures Sébastien Jacques, co-owner and Vice-President of Business Development.